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What we offer

Accounting & Bookkeeping 
+ Keeping track of your financial affairs is paramount to maintaining a long lasting and healthy career.
+We provide bookkeeping and accounting services to your requirements.
Contract Negotiation
+ We have a in-house legal and rights team that work together to achieve the best for our clients.
Business Development 
+ We help you scale your career from a passion to a business with clear and strategic planning.
+ We create business plans for artist to help them for the road ahead.
Brand Consultation
+ Creative and brand consultation designed for the artist providing them with a visibility against their        contemporaries, adding more value.
Trademark Licensing
+ Protect your brand and identity
+ We work with legal professionals to create effective strategies to establish and manage artist                trademarks. 
Rights Management
+ Your rights are the foundation of your career and we want you to hold on to those rights.